Patty Rotroxsa

I can’t say enough good things about Rachel’s fitness classes! I took the pregnancy Pilates class during my 2nd pregnancy and felt the difference this time around – during pregnancy, labour/delivery, and postnatal too. I felt so much stronger this time and recovery postnatal was much quicker too. I’m attributing this to the pregnancy Pilates class. I also took postnatal Pilates with Rachel and am now going to the buggy mums class. Both of these postnatal classes are great! Rachel really helps you work at your own pace but still push you to the limit, without overdoing it, especially right after giving birth. She stresses posture, pelvic stability, and pelvic floor throughout all her classes. Another thing I’m really enjoying is being able to take baby along with me to the postnatal classes. I find it hard to squeeze in a workout or find classes that will allow me to bring along the baby. These classes give me a chance to socialize with other mums & get in a very good workout where I would feel like I’ve pushed myself. Thanks so much, Rachel!