Prenatal Pilates Class

Pilates can help strengthen core muscles which stretch and lengthen during pregnancy. This class helps to prevent SPD, lower back pain, diastasis of recti (separation of “6 pack” muscle) and bad posture. To help keep mum fit and active throughout pregnancy.

Postnatal Pilates class:

Pilates for new mums (baby comes along too), helps to strengthen key muscles in the postnatal period. 

Buggy classes:

Burn extra gained baby weight and get fit. Taking place in the Valley Gardens, this class will focus on legs, arms and the all-important core, without putting undue pressure on pelvic floor, so NO jumping, running, star jumps or sit ups. 

Fitness in the park:

This is a bootcamp class designed for mums who are 9 months post-partum, tailored to burn fat, tone muscles, flatten tummy and have fun! 

Personal training: 

These are bespoke sessions working 1:1 with mums from home or in the park.

Distant 1:1 training:

Work with a bespoke plan in the comfort of own home, then once every three weeks have 1:1 session. Client has to text when homework sessions have been competed so no cheating!