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“Is it ok to exercise whilst pregnant?”
Absolutely! We need to stay fit and healthy, giving birth is hardwork! However it’s not the best time to take up a new fitness regime. If you are a regular exerciser before getting pregnant, then it is fine to continue with slight modifications. For example you may want to walk on an incline rather than sprinting on a treadmill; more focus is needed on the core but with Pilates type moves rather than hundreds of sit-ups (which are bad for anyone anyway..!). A pregnancy Pilates class is really beneficial as it focuses on the core muscles keeping them strong as your bump gets bigger. Walking is a great cardio exercise too when pregnant.

“When can I start to exercise again after having baby?”
You can start to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles as soon as you’ve pushed baby out! (as long as you don’t have a catheter in). Then as you get used to being a new Mum you can venture out with your buggy and get walking to start getting your base level fitness back. Once you’ve had your GP check (6/8 weeks) you can join a postnatal class (if you don’t come to mine make sure you ask your trainer if they are pre and postnatal qualified).

“When can I run?”
A hormone called relaxin is produced in the blood during pregnancy and stays in the body once you have baby if you are breast feeding. It does leave the body if bottle feeding but still takes a few months. This makes all the ligaments and joints in the body nice and loose (exactly what we want for pushing baby out of a tiny hole, but not after baby is out!) so we need to make sure that exercise in the first few months has less impact and jolting moves and more core stabilising exercises that will help get the stability through the pelvis which includes lots of pelvic floor exercises (even if you had a c section –carrying a baby for 9 months puts a lot of pressure on it) 

“When can I return to Zumba or start Insanity classes”?
Any impact exercises or too much hip “wiggling” will put too much pressure on the pelvic floor and a new mums weakened core muscles. So it’s best to start with a postnatal class to focus on core strength, get your pelvic floor working correctly (i.e when you sneeze you don’t leak or if you do a quick dash to the car, you don’t need to pee)

“When can I do sit – ups?”
Never!! Sit ups will NOT flatten your tummy. The “6 pack” (rectus abdominus) is a superficial muscle on the surface of the core and will only show up if we eat nothing but protein and veg (no refined sugar, alcohol etc). It is significantly more important to have a strong, functionally fit body with a strong core and a healthy back. So we need to work the deeper core muscles (pelvic floor, transverse abdominus and multifidus) which is what we work in Pilates sessions and the buggy sessions.